May 1, 2012

MBFWA: Miss Unkon Collection

Source: All photos are my own. Please credit when used.  
MBFWA: Miss Unkon Collection - as promised! 
This was a great show for the first day at Fashion Week. Lovely leather clutches with their beautiful catalogue & a framed piece of artwork inside was definitely a fabulous treat. The colours captured the essence of summer and these shapes and details are definitely something I can relate to!

This show pulled a noted crowd. Front row guests included bloggers such as Alexandra Spencer from 4th and Bleeker, Geneva from A Pair and a Spare, Nicole from Gary Pepper Vintage, Karni from Kisfromkarni, Yenny from Studded Hearts. Also spotted Susie Bubble & Brayboy doing their thing in style!  

Needs to be noted that I'm extremely glad it was the woman's sitting next to me that had a bottle of juice split all through her bag.. thanks to the person in the front row!! eek. Jackie x
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