May 7, 2012

MBFWA: Kristi Rose

Source: All photos are my own. Please credit blog when used.  
MBFWA Day 4: New Generation Show 1 / Kristi Rose
This collection did not disappoint. It brought freshness in colour, fabric and print. I loved the way the show followed between bold solids, to flowing shapes with tropic prints to stunning gold pieces for a grand finale. It was hard to choose my favourites, however I finally chose 3 top looks, featured at the top of the post. I look forward to seeing more from the label! Jackie x

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  1. Gorgeous collection- love the fabrics. Thanks so much for your comment about the oneoneseven shirt : )


  2. these shots are great!
    looks like it was an amazing show, you are so lucky to have been able to go :)


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