November 28, 2011

Photo Diary: Hong Kong 2011

View from my hotel room of Mong Kok was amazing
Love the signs everywhere, full of happiness and joy!

Fabric markets were very exciting, not what I expected but very easy and practical.
Lunch with the suppliers meant trying lots of new things for me!
These were a fave desert. These little bunnies were a mix of marshmallow & meringue.

This taxi ride was very interesting. All i could think about was what all those mobile phones were for?!

Great market experience! All the smells were overwhelming from the beautiful flowers & fruits to dry fish and raw meats!
Found this door in the hotel!

From my beautiful boyfriend Aaron, sent to cheer up a rough start to the trip! :)

Wedding decorations in every restaurant.

Last look on Hong Kong in the taxi ride to the airport <3

A photo dairy of my travels to Hong Kong Oct 2011

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1 comment:

  1. Really nice shots
    Love the taxi driver with six mobile phones on his dashboard :)


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